We provide the community with a green source of energy tram huong and an alternative to the current áo thun đồng phuc harmful waste management practices. Waste to energy gasification technology offers a viable alternative to other túi xách quảng cáo high emission waste vận chuyển siêu trường siêu trọng disposal options. dietcontrungtphcm.net green source of ene

What we do - Recovered Energy Australia Pty Ltd
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What we do

What we do

Recovered Energy Australia is committed to converting household waste into a source of clean power. Using gasification technology, we provide a green source of fuel and an alternative to the current harmful waste management practices. Waste gasification to energy technology offers viable alternative disposal options.


Our company aims to transform the future of waste management into something brighter for our families, friends and next generation. We are committed to recovering the energy and other materials from household waste.


The management team has substantial energy industry experience and passion for providing an innovative technology solution to improve the lives of our communities.


Read more about the bios of our founding members here.

Our Actions

We are working hard to provide a cleaner, greener waste solution for Australian communities and local councils. Our sustainable environmental initiatives present a better long-term alternative for residual waste than sending it to landfill.


We are changing both the waste and energy industry practises that harm the planet so that sustainable businesses can rise to the top.

Our Projects

Recovered Energy Australia is investing in the construction of waste to energy gasification projects that provide two solutions:


  1. The conversion of municipal waste to base load electrical energy.
  2. The recovery of valuable resources such as metals and glass for recycling.


Our environmental technology solution offers a unique opportunity for local councils, companies and communities to also do their part for the environment now and into the future.


Each plant will have the capacity to process up to 450 tonnes of residual waste per day. We can convert both municipal and locally sourced commercial solid waste into renewable energy. The small scale of each operating facility means the plants are only large enough to handle the waste generated by the households that come from three or four local councils. This provides a local solution for local waste that is often trucked long distances so that it can be dumped in another community.


Municipal household waste is a valuable source of energy that Recovered Energy Australia intend to reuse to generate around 10MW of clean, green baseload energy at each facility that can be fed into the electricity distribution grid. This is enough electricity to power the needs of 16,000 homes in a local area.


Importantly our proven gasification technology makes these projects commercial bankable and viable based as they are cost competitive with landfills and local energy prices. The first Recovered Energy Australia facility is on track to be fully operational by 2020.